Sacred Space

Spark Gallery, Denver, Colorado February 2007

This transitional group of paintings is my process of integrating memories of Tibet and Nepal, the place in the world that feels like home to me. These eastern places of inspiration hold lightness with shadow, pain with joy, and poverty with spiritual wealth. They are not easily reconciled. The compositions in this work are a collage of colors, combining objective, abstract, and nonobjective. The snapshots that I hold in my mind are a point of departure from which to explore my subjective experience of sensations, thoughts, feelings and dreams. In Hinduism, the lingum symbolizes the vitality of Shiva. During my recent trip to India, I recognized this shape, arising from the collective unconscious, as one that has appeared in my paintings and has become more prominent over time. The nonobjective paintings are the most recent, and seem to represent the essence of what this work appears to be about."


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