Personal Philosophy:

In our culture, success is often defined by our accomplishments in the world and may become how we identify who we are. Many of us discover that we have met our external goals but sense something inside is missing. We may feel cut off from our own creativity and the meaning in our lives, or alone in intimate relationships. My goal is to help people reconnect with the part of themselves that has been left behind and explore who they are at a deeper level. My interest is in helping people identify and develop their personal strengths, with an emphasis on wellness rather than on psychopathology.

I believe that positive change in therapy occurs in an interactive process involving the whole, unique person. I often work with people who are in life transition, feeling overwhelmed, or who are struggling with behavior patterns that they would like to let go of using the approach that fits best with their reason for coming to therapy.


Gallery: Descent Exhibit
This work is a narrative of my exploration into the space of the unconscious