Paintings by Deborah Bryon

Recent Work:


Winged Beings

2012 Winged Beings
This body of work is a reflection
of encounters with the “Winged Beings,” while studying with Altomesayoks, Inka shamans living in the Sacred Mountains
of Peru.

2011 Mutus Liber
The Mutus Liber, or text without words, is a series of alchemical images, created hundreds of
years ago in response to the collective religious attitude in Europe.

2010 Finding the Edges
The edge can be the brink - between spirit and matter, being and non-being, ordinary and
non-ordinary, inner and outer.


2008 Dancing With The Unconscious
Jung said that meaning in life comes from the collective unconscious, an innate intelligence that exists and extends far beyond our limited conscious awareness

2007 Sacred Space
This transitional group of
paintings is my process of integrating memories of Tibet and Nepal, the place in the world that feels like home to me

2009 Piercing The Veil
Entering the veil is an engagement with the unconscious. It is something mysterious, always beyond our control, and slightly beyond our reach.


2007 Descent
This work is a narrative of my exploration into the space of the unconscious


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