Descent Exhibit

Spark Gallery, Denver, Colorado August 2007

This work is a narrative of my exploration into the space of the unconscious. The process required that form drop, along with reference to symbols, figures, and other familiar points of departure. The journey was reminiscent of my favorite Disneyland ride as a child; into an atom where things continued to become deconstructed, past the point of electrons, neutrons and protons, into the archetypal realm. I could refer to recent personal experience, but instead I prefer to relate to the work through undifferentiated feeling …a uroboric space…. perhaps the archetypal mother. The work was recorded automatically as a series of daily vignettes, similar to watching shifting patterns of clouds in the sky. The marks committed to canvas were based on what was occurring in the moment with no forethought or planning.


Galleries: Descent | Sacred Space | Dancing | Piercing Veil | Edge | Mutus Liber | Winged Beings