Dancing With The Unconscious

Spark Gallery, Denver,CO February 2008

Jung said that meaning in life comes from the collective unconscious, an innate intelligence that exists and extends far beyond our limited conscious awareness. I am intrigued with exploring the unconscious, both as a painter and a Jungian psychologist. This particular body of work is a personal narrative of my journey to Peru this summer. I spent time in the Amazon and had the opportunity to experience the numinousity of the jungle, which for me became a metaphor for the collective unconscious and an entry into deeper psychoidal experience. Even today, nearly six months later, I struggle to put what was imprinted upon me into words. What I came away with cannot be articulated verbally, only through image.

This painting series moves from nonobjective to figurative, as inner primordial figures coagulate and emerge from the greater alchemical soup. Vivid colors organize the feeling experience. Paint strokes and gestures are automatic with a system and life of their own. As other artists have said before, when I look at this work I am aware that I am a conduit and consciously had very little to do with what was committed to canvas.


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