Business Consulting and Team Building:

Creating a positive climate in the work environment increases creativity and productivity. A cohesive culture in work setting is established through identifying and understanding different individual professional and relational styles, and developing skills that foster inclusive growth in
the following areas:

  • Trust Building
  • Communication
  • Solution-Focused Conflict Resolution
  • Stress Management
  • Increasing awareness of Individual Differences
  • Methods for Identifying and Understanding Individual Styles and Approaches
  • Defining and Accomplishing goals

Each of us has unique qualities and characteristics, with individual strengths, that we use to adapt to our environment and achieve personal goals. Becoming more aware of these individual qualities in others and ourselves promotes team-building, and greater cohesion within the group. My approach to business consulting is Solution-Focused and determined by the specific needs of the group I am working with.

Solution-Focused Approach to Team Building:

  1. Observing and Defining the existing Group Dynamics
  2. Pinpointing target areas to be worked with and developed
  3. Identifying Group Thinking Patterns and Norms to be improved
  4. Setting Short and Long Term Goals
  5. Implementing more effective Communication Strategies
  6. Establishing an Internal System to maintain Positive Changes

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