My Approach to Psychotherapy:

My approach to psychotherapy is determined by the needs and
therapeutic goals of my clients and fall under the two general headings of
Solution-Focused Psychotherapy and Jungian Analytic Depth Psychology.

Solution-Focused Psychotherapy:

For clients with specific issues to address or goals they want to accomplish. The methods I use may include Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), and visual relaxation techniques. The focus may be working on relationships (individually or as a couple) and improving communication skills, defining and developing professional career goals, and/or facing a life challenge or transition - such as parenting young children or starting a new relationship. Other areas of focus may include grieving and working through a painful adjustment such as a divorce or ending a relationship, losing a job or changing careers, and dealing with aging parents. I teach methods to learn how to manage anxiety or overcome specific fears, and new ways of conceptualizing and understanding current life situations. I also help clients develop strategies for dealing with attention difficulties and ways of approaching destructive behavior patterns that often involve addictive behaviors.

The basic therapy process involves:

  1. Identifying the problem and targeting specific treatment goals.
  2. Clarifying thoughts, assumptions and beliefs that are getting in the way, which contribute to repeating patterns of self-sabatoging behaviors.
  3. Developing more effective coping strategies, and ways of resolving conflicts.
  4. Exploring and implementing new behaviors.

Depth Psychology:

For clients who want to understand themselves at deeper levels, to access their own creative potential. They may be experiencing a lack of meaning in their lives, have a past trauma history, and/or are trying to resolve deep-seated issues causing negative behavior patterns that they have struggled with for a long time. These kinds of issues may get in the way of feeling close to friends and family, maintaining long-term, satisfying intimate relationships, and/or finding a fulfilling professional career. Problems from the past often prevent people from feeling “alive,” or being able to feel “at home” regardless of where they are.

The length of time it takes to complete inner work depends on several factors: 1) Motivation and commitment, 2) Time and support available in other areas of life, and 3) Severity of issues being dealt with. The techniques I use include Jungian Analysis, Dream Interpretation, Sand Tray and Art Therapy, and methods I have learned from the Q’ero shamans.


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